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Causable supports innovation in business, science and society. From sparring on business models over strategies for executive boards, innovation and product teams to making sure your team has the right tools and skills to innovate together. We value deep subject matter expertise and make it shine, while we embrace a holistic perspective at the same time. Causable helps teams to harness the potential of skilful collaboration to build the right thing and to build the things your team commits to right.

Become a change and innovation leader

Causable offers organizational development and personality development for leaders who want to create impact. Causable is also designing structures and processes for resilient teams that drive innovation and change.

When you bring new products and services to a market, velocity often makes the difference – that is speed times getting the direction right.

So it matters to learn better together – why your offer matters, where to go for your customers, and how to do so while you productize your offers and improve the „operating system“ of your own business.

Research shows that all successful businesses understand two things: their own customer value proposition, and how to build an operating system for their business such that they can uniquely deliver that value proposition at scale and over time.

If your teams collaborate better and learn faster what your internal and external customers need, you’ll gain velocity and you can harness their unique insights to improve both your product and your strategic approach to your business.

Work with us to up your leadership game

The mission of Causable is to train and coach individuals and teams, so that they can be great and skilled collaborators and guides in this endeavour. We offer sparring and training for those who lead the change, drive innovation, or want to learn how to contribute. We care about personal and skills development for those builders who care to support innovation and change in business, science and society that allows all humans to flourish. And next to that, how to create or modify organizational structures that allow to build in a sustainable and resilient way.

We offer trainings as well as individual coaching for those who step up and lead in order to innovate, and for teams who want to learn how to artfully collaborate. And if you have a larger development or change project, let's get in touch as well - we also offer organizational development and strategy consulting to create and position new business fields, digital service business models and products.

Do we vibe?

We work with change, innovation and leadership professionals, researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs and executive boards. Causable serves as a trusted space and sounding board for those who want to know what we can create and be as humans, in our own lives and for others:

Causable is also a place to share knowledge and a place to meet as humans, because we are asked to develop not only ourselves throughout a life, but also be in exchange with others and the world around us. And often, there’s power in learning to take another perspective on thorny questions that keep us stuck.

Join and exchange thoughts, best fails and best finds.

Our course offers

We tailor all our courses for your specific growth challenge and work with you and your team in German or English, digital or in person.

Selected topics:

Promoting those who promote others

Are you a leader, entrepreneur, engineer, designer or researcher, or facilitate change and innovation in organizations and feel a need to reflect on your work practice? Do you have a growth or change challenge for your organization, team, or own life? Are you an expert in your field who wants to support strategic decisions, but would like to be heard better by others?
Then the Causable coaching practice might be for you.

Coaching sessions can be booked on a case by case basis or in packages for a deeper dive.
Let's talk about your challenge and whether a coaching with Causable might be a fit:

About us

Dr. Silvia Maier has been leading and facilitating research and product development with interdisciplinary and cross-functional teams in science and industry for more than 15 years, both nationally and internationally. She is a trusted sparring partner for C-Level leaders and teams alike, as she draws from more than 20 years of experience in leading teams and managing projects across a large variety of settings in the service and innovation sectors.

Her consultancy and product management practice spans product development and digitalization in tech startups (B2B and B2B2C), corporates (B2B), the public sector, as well as science and education. With entrepreneurs and cross-functional teams, she developed data science and service business models, SaaS products and IoT solutions. She advises product teams and develops organizational and leadership structures to make services fly. As a product manager, together with a team of hardware and software engineers, designers and data scientists she has for example been building an IoT solution for emissions monitoring.

As a researcher in Neuroeconomics at University and ETH Zurich, she investigated how the human brain brings about self-regulation, stress resilience and decision-making and greatly enjoyed collaborations with teams across Europe, the US and Asia.

Silvia is also committed to serving public communities. She is an elected member of the first cohort of the Swiss Young Academy (2020-2025) , in 2023-2024 serves as Vice President of the Executive Board for the SYA, is part of the Swiss Young Network for Science Policy and Diplomacy, and led the project „Who gets heard?“ on how scientific experts are selected to speak and can better convey their insights in hearings of the Swiss National Parliament. She is an advisory board member for the Franxini project of the Swiss Think Tank Reatch that teaches scientists and political practitioners each other’s languages and fosters better communication of scientific insights to inform policy making.

Curiosity and sharing keep her going: She studies and teaches what enables good decisions on wicked questions. That's why Causable is meant to grow into a platform for training and exchange on how to develop and implement solutions to the complex challenges arising in the great transformation towards an ecologically, socially, and individually sustainable future.

Our network of collaborators

Causable works with:
Noumenal Space
Arne Reis

Exchanging ideas in real life


Talks and Workshops

Jacobs Foundation, Lunch & Learn: "Who gets heard?", September 21, 2023, Zurich


Swiss Young Academy & Reatch / Franxini bootcamp on Science & Policy Making, July 25, 2023, Bern

EPFL & ETHZ Summer School "Science and Policy - How to Bridge the Gap?", July 12, 2023, Beatenberg

Science After Noon, November 15, 2022: Panelist "Im Dialog für die Zukunft: Neue Ansätze im Dialog zwischen Wissenschaft und Politik"

Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA) Summit 2022: Panel speaker "A Youth Outlook on GESDA and the Horizon of Science and Diplomacy" (19:13-24:05)

International Parliamentary Union and CERN: "Relationship between science and parliaments", Panel speaker at CERN, May 11, 2023 (GESDA Science Policy and Diplomacy Week)

Swiss Young Academy and foraus: „The Thing From the Future“, Impact Hub Geneva, May 11, 2023 (Evening program organized in collaboration with the GESDA Science Policy and Diplomacy Week)

Communities, creators and methods inputs

Science/Policy Space

Our 2023 paper by the project group of "Who gets heard?" with practical tips on how to prepare for parliamentary hearings:
in German
in French
Executive Summary in English

Exciting projects and policy collaboration enablers:
Expedition Zukunft / Expedition Future
Politics for tomorrow
Geoff Mulgan

Business Space

A fantastic source of inspiration and food for thought that I come back to a lot is this collection on how to work with and better understand complex organizational systems, Compendium Cards , by Alex Komoroske (who is also the creator of the presentation I've most shared throughout the past years on coordination headwind - a great explanation of behavior and feedback loops in organizations).

Other inspiring networks and tools:
New Mittelstand
Facilitation tools: Liberating Structures (EN)
Inklusive Moderationstechniken: Liberating Structures (DE)