Sparring partnerships

Work with us to up your leadership game

Would you like to lead strategic initiatives and innovations to success with new cross-functional teams and collaborators? A sparring partnership might put you a decisive step ahead in anticipating what your teams need from you to deliver.

Causable offers sparring on strategic perspectives and personality development for leaders who want to create impact. We also love to spar about designing structures and processes for resilient teams that drive innovation and change.

Is this for you?

We work with executive board members, entrepreneurs, change, innovation and leadership professionals, researchers, and engineers.

Causable serves as a trusted space and sounding board for those who want to know what we can create and be as humans, in our own lives and for others:

Sparring on leadership for strategy, innovation and development

Do you want to up your (self-)leadership game and invest in becoming who you can be as a leader, collaborator or facilitator?

Do you plan to start a new initiative or feel a need to reflect on your work?

Do you have a growth or innovation challenge for your organization, team, or own life?

Are you an expert in your field who wants to support strategic initiatives, but would like to be heard better by others?

Then a sparring partnership might be for you.

Strategy, business models, leadership challenges, organization, tools and skills, and the development of yourself and your leadership personality that goes along with your journey – we talk shop about what you and your team need to innovate together. As a co-pilot and sparring partner in a longer endeavour, we value deep subject matter expertise and make it shine, and at the same time keep a spotlight on clear communication and keeping track of overarching goals. We are skilled guides to help you find a path to the solution you seek to build, and happy to keep up with fast thinkers and learners!

Interested in sparring sessions?

Sparring sessions can be booked on a case by case basis or in packages for a deeper dive to work together over a longer period.

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