Dr. Silvia Maier’s consultancy and product management practice spans product development and digitalization (B2B and B2B2C) in tech startups, SMEs, corporates, the public sector, as well as research and innovation in science and education. With entrepreneurs and cross-functional teams, she developed data science and service business models, SaaS products and IoT solutions.

She advises product teams and develops organizational and leadership structures to make services work. As a product manager, together with a team of hardware and software engineers, designers and data scientists she has for example been building an IoT solution for emissions monitoring.

As a researcher in Neuroeconomics at University and ETH Zurich, she investigated how the human brain brings about self-regulation, stress resilience and decision-making and enjoyed collaborations with teams across Europe, the US and Asia. Together with Dr. Marcus Grüschow, she was recognized with the inaugural UZH Postdoc Team Award.

And while brains are great, she also embraces pragmatic approaches and profits from the hands-on professional traineeship at the start of her first career as a journalist and editor.

Foto: © Sprecher Cortellini für UZH Magazin

Committed to serving public communities

Silvia Maier is an elected member of the first cohort of the Swiss Young Academy (2020-2025) , in 2023-2024 serves as Vice Speaker of the Executive Board for the SYA, is part of the Swiss Young Network for Science Policy and Diplomacy , and led the project „Who gets heard?“ on how scientific experts are selected to speak and can better convey their insights in hearings of the Swiss National Parliament.

She is an advisory board member for the Franxini project of the Swiss Think Tank Reatch that teaches scientists and political practitioners each other’s languages and fosters better communication of scientific insights to inform policy making.

Curiosity and sharing keep her going: She studies and teaches what enables good decisions on wicked questions. Her dream for Causable is to grow it into a platform and community for training and exchange on how to develop and implement solutions to the complex challenges arising in the great transformation towards an ecologically, socially, and individually sustainable future.

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