Causable provides knowledge and tried and tested practices for you in compact courses.

We tailor all our courses for your specific growth challenge and work with you and your team in German or English, digital or in person.

Facilitation tools for leadership and collaboration

Have you been part of meetings that dragged on forever, but achieved little in the end? Learn to lead yourself and others.

This course will show you how you can use established facilitation methods to enable good communication and collaboration in teams. Particularly useful if your collaborators also work in projects, cross-functional teams, and have different backgrounds.

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Leading remote, hybrid and diverse teams

Remote and hybrid teams pose lots of leadership and collaboration challenges.

In this course, you’ll learn tools and setups honed in a decade of leading remote, hybrid and diverse research, innovation and product teams who constantly deliver high performance and forge bonds to work better together across Europe, Asia and the US.

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Cross-functional leadership bootcamp

This hands-on course brings you up to speed on the basics of building and guiding cross-functional teams.

From roles and responsibilities, building and prioritizing a roadmap, over holding each other accountable to delivering outcomes and learn how to use tools to improve team cognitions that make your collaborations more effective.

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Essentials of self-leadership and productivity

Self-leadership is the first step towards being a good role model and productive team lead.

We will dive into the core of what matters to you and what you want to use your limited time for so that you can create the most impact, systematically learn to hone your skill set and your productivity to leave a handprint in the world.

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Targeted communication
Improve your storytelling skills to relay complex ideas to specific audiences

Have you experienced as a lead that your team doesn’t seem to catch on or is reluctant to accept why the plan needs to change again and again?

As an expert or engineering lead, would you like to learn more about how to better communicate with your stakeholders about your plans and system needs? This course is for you. It combines training on the art of storytelling with a lot of hands-on elements, so be prepared to bring and refine your case.

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