Facilitation tools for leadership and collaboration

Content summary

Have you been part of meetings that dragged on forever, but achieved little in the end? In this course, you will learn how you can use established facilitation methods to enable good communication and collaboration in teams, particularly if collaborators work in projects, cross-functional and have different backgrounds.

The only prerequisite for this course? You are willing to step up and lead.

The methods you will learn help to enhance fruitful collaboration regardless whether you are in a formal leadership position or not. They are designed to integrated diverse perspectives from collaborators with different backgrounds and experiences, and can help to find solutions that are acceptable without making a weak compromise between parties with opposing views.

This course will help prepare you for working in modern business and research and development environments, in which leadership more and more has become a distributed function in teams of experts with different backgrounds.

We will train hands-on techniques that help you foster collaboration within a project group or team, integrate the perspectives of partners and stakeholders, and facilitate the generation of new ideas and mutual counseling and problem solving if a project gets stuck.



Basics of effective meetings and self-leadership


Facilitation techniques to integrate perspectives and address opposing views


Creating alignment while respecting individual stances and contributions


Counseling techniques and insight into stakeholder perspectives to get projects unstuck

Basic format

4 x ½ day or 2 x 1 day
online or in person


Min 5, max 12


Individuals or teams can bring a current collaboration challenge and book individual coaching sessions and/or team workshops in between the course days with training input in order to find and reflect on their solutions together under supervision. Please ask for an individually tailored package.

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