Cross-functional leadership bootcamp

Content summary

This is a hands-on practical course for those who want to move from silos to cross-functional teams and would like to onboard both the designated leaders and the team to a new mode of working together to deliver outcomes for a certain value stream.

How can you create a product or innovative solution with a cross-functional team? Which roles & expertises do you need on your team, how do you know whether individuals fit, and how to help them make an impact towards the common goal?

We are talking basics of building and guiding those teams, defining roles and responsibilities, building and prioritizing a roadmap, holding each other accountable to deliver outcomes and learn how to use tools to improve team cognitions so that all members know what to expect from each other and that they can rely on each other.



Responsibilities in the team: roles, mandates, and accountability


Individual strenghts and development paths: what do collaborators contribute?


Roadmaps: How to construct and (re-)prioritze them


Team cognitions: How to learn to work better together

Basic format

4 x ½ day or 2 x 1 day
online or in person
Preferably with the whole team and its designated leaders


Min 5, max 12


Individuals can bring a current leadership challenge and book individual coaching sessions and/or team workshops in between the course days with training input in order to find and reflect on their solutions together under supervision. Please ask for an individually tailored package.

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